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Building Relationships through Writing
        To leave a letter in an attic or in a drawer is to leave a lasting legacy. Writing in the form of personal letters endures long after the spoken word. In my book, PERSONAL LETTERS: GIFTS FROM THE HEART, I introduce the benefits of bringing back an old-fashioned custom. Anyone that has gone beyond second grade, can write! Perfect grammar and perfect punctuation are not the goal, but connecting with someone you care about is the gold standard. 
"I can live two months on a good compliment." ~~ Mark Twain

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Dear Effie,
​This is your “Thank You letter.” I thank you and Roland for the wonderful example you set for family and marriage. You have always shown such class and love. Your influence on Rick made him a better father, husband and man, which in turn made my life very happy.
I have watched you continue to get more education and not sit back and let life go by.
You showed me how to survive the biggest loss in life, your husband. I can hardly believe you can go on, I don’t think I could.
                    ~~Peggy & Rick