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Effie-Alean Gross
Effie-Alean Gross & 
Novelist, Ray Bradbury
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About Effie-Alean Gross, Writer & Speaker
From the time she learned the alphabet, Effie's been a writer. Public speaking came much later--after she overcame shyness. Today, she writes  both fiction and nonfiction professionally and  speaks for various groups.  Effie cares about students, government, active military/veterans, biblical studies, and family values.  The importance of letter writing, whether in cursive or typed, is her special interest.

Effie-Alean Gross, Writer & Speaker  lives in Maricopa, AZ.  Prior to moving to Arizona in 1990, she grew up in Iowa. "To this day I claim the Midwestern 'work ethic' and strive to deliver  creative products and friendly service  for all of my clients. Perhaps 'everyone's a writer' is somewhat like 'everyone's a comedian,' but what sets me apart is my unique voice," she says. 

Woman's World, Confident Living, Standard Publishing, Regular Baptist Press, Vista, Des Moines Register, The Times of Fountain Hills, The Lookout, and Focus on the Family, among others.

Visits to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Estonia, Sweden, Russia, Mexico, and Canada have prepared Effie to better understand cultures differing from her own. Every experience is a writing opportunity. 

Effie has   studied fiction writing under W.P. Kinsella at the University of Iowa's Summer Writing Festival and under the late Ray Bradbury at the Southwestern Writers' Conference in Tucson, Arizona.

Other influence on her writing comes from favorite authors: Flannery O'Connor, Shirley Jackson, Bernard Malamud, John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., and Sherwood Anderson.
Committed to helping everyday people connect through writing.
MA English; Drake University
BA Education; Drake University
AA Liberal Arts; Des Moines Area Community College

Paradise Valley Community College; Phoenix.